The "sandwich" product of the HRV band and 
the "Storm RGB" product. 
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This module is about basic 
satellite observations of deep convective storms, their interpretation, with the goal of better understanding what the present weather satellites can tell us about internal structure of storms and their possible severity, with impacts on nowcasting of (possibly severe) storms. The module brings basic information only, no “deep science”, no problematic topics, only sound material. Most of this module is based on MSG satellite SEVIRI instrument, but also includes some AVHRR and MODIS imagery (when needed to show storm tops in better detail, to explain the limitations of the MSG data, or to indicate what we can expect from the Meteosat Third Generation, MTG). The module assumes good knowledge of MSG SEVIRI spectral bands and their basic interpretation, as well as moderate knowledge of convective storms - their dynamics and internal structure, types of convective storms and their mesoscale systems. 

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